"This is some impressive work. Your dedication to your craft is evident as is your musical ability. You have a good grasp on how to construct choruses that effectively stand out from the verses and have a memorable "sing-a-long" quality to them. ~ TAXI reviewer

"I know a natural talent when I hear one and you seem to be the real thing." ~ SongU Evaluation

Adrienne Leopold's passion for music began early, as a young child growing up in Toronto. Both then and now, she's been influenced the most by artists who share her love and respect for the power of songwriting. Ever since she can remember, Adrienne has loved to express herself in her own words. At the age of 7 she was writing children's books. By 13, she'd learned to combine her love for words with music, and started writing songs. Now, she loves all genres of music, but her first love is country. Curious, since she's a born and bred big city girl. Regardless of her roots she can't deny or ignore how country music has touched her heart and soul; feelings that she'd like to share with audiences everywhere.

From the very beginning, Adrienne instinctively knew that her songs had a natural home in country music because of its intimate way of telling a story with a powerful, personal message. It was, after all, Adrienne's own inspiration to become a singer/songwriter; to share her own stories to move and inspire. As a teenager, and then in her university years, Adrienne continued to write, rehearse, and dream of sharing her songs. Nights and weekends were consumed with vocal training classes that ultimately led to live performances at talent showcases. A degree in human resources from the University of Toronto, and a natural desire to help people, seemed a safe, satisfying career fit for Adrienne. But deep down, she knew it was her music that could make a bigger, better difference. And that's what led her to the door of Juno award winning producer Justin Gray.

Justin has produced several of Adrienne's songs; songs which drive straight to the heart with her powerful, personal, introspective lyrics, and magical melodies. It's fresh, new, accessible music that speaks to us all.

Since completing her demo, Adrienne has already started receiving recognition for her music. Her song Don't Mind Me appears on a compilation CD distributed by UK indie label Urban Angel and is available for download on iTunes and other online retailers. Don't Mind Me has also received airplay on several online radio stations, charting among today's top country artists. She was a top 15 Finalist in the 2007 Country 95.3 Canada Day Jam Idol Competition. And competing against both professional and amateur songwriters, Adrienne's song Waiting, co-written with Graham Verdon, was a Finalist in the 2007 International Songwriting Competition (ISC), placing in the top 15 of its category out of 15,000 entries from around the world. Her song Sixteen was a Finalist in the 2006 ISC and her song Rest in Peace was a Winner in the Country category of the international Song of the Year contest, supporting VH-1's Save the Music Foundation.

"Just live for today and not for regret, and make the most of it" says Adrienne. "I want to reach people on a deeper level. Songwriting and singing gives me a unique opportunity to connect with an audience totally my own way. It's very rewarding to see people send me a knowing smile when I perform, or talk to them after a show about how I made them feel. To me, that's what it's all about."

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